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Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 13:59:12 -0400


I have an rainfall anomaly data prec(month,gridcell) where month =
252 and gridcell = 30960.
I am trying to calculate three-month drought severity index (DSI3)

The definition of DSI3

Rainfall anomaly = Xt @ month=t
If Xt < 0 and the rainfall in three-month period, Xt, Xt-1, Xt-2, is
lower than its three monthly mean i.e. (Xt+Xt-1+Xt-2)< (1/3)(Xt+Xt-1
Then DSI3(t)=-Xt

For time t+1, if it satisfies the previous conditions,
Then DSI3(t+1)=-(Xt+Xt+1)

But if rainfall anomaly is positive i.e. Xt+1> 0 and the rainfall in
three-month period, Xt+1, Xt, Xt-1, is lower than its three monthly
mean i.e. (Xt+1+Xt+Xt-1)< (1/3)(Xt+1+Xt+Xt-1), Then DSI3(t+1)= -(Xt-Xt

If, for time t+1, it does not stratify any previous conditions then
DSI3(t+1)= 0

I used do loops and if statements to calculate DSI but it took long
time. I guess I need to use “where” or “ind” to make it faster.

Any help to do these calculations using above mention function will
be appreciated



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