EPS figure and Illustrator conflict

From: Michel dos Santos Mesquita <Michel.Mesquita_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 11:58:08 +0200


I have produced some plots in NCL using the eps format. I have always
been able to edit them in Illustrator (mac) with no problem.

However, some of my eps figures produced by NCL cannot be read by
Illustrator: "The operation cannot complete because of an unknown
error". I have noticed that these are the figures in which NCL rotated
them when they were saved as 'eps'.

Why does NCL rotate some of the figures, even though they appear
correct in the 'X11' window? Can I change that? Could this rotation be
the cause of conflict with Illustrator?

I have noticed that someone had asked this question to NCL before
(about the conflict of some eps figures and Illustrator):

One of the solutions there was to use 'convert file.eps newfile.eps'.
It didn't work for me and the quality of the figure changed. The only
way I can use these eps figures is if I use:

$ convert -density 300 -rotate 270 file.eps newfile.png

But converting to png makes it harder to manipulate the figure in

I appreciate any help you could provide!

I thank you in advance!

Kindest regards,

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