Velocity Potential.

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Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 11:20:14 -0500

Hi all,
Can someone please help in identifying the problem with my attached script.
When I try to run it I get the following error massage;

    fatal:Could not create (
fatal:Either file (data) isn't defined or variable (u) is not a variable in
the file
fatal:Execute: Error occurred at or near line 36

I am working on bluefire and my data is from RegCM3 runs over the region;
12S- 23N, 20E-80E, having the following specifications

  Type = Gridded
  Xsize = 214 Ysize = 134 Zsize = 11 Tsize = 334 Esize = 1
  Number of Variables = 20
     u 11 t,z,y,x Zonal Wind
     v 11 t,z,y,x Meridional Wind
     w 11 t,z,y,x Vertical Velocity
     tk 11 t,z,y,x Temperature
     qd 11 t,z,y,x Mixing Ratio
     qc 11 t,z,y,x Cloud Mixing Ratio
     rh 11 t,z,y,x Relative Humidity
     hgt 11 t,z,y,x Geopotential Height
     th 11 t,z,y,x Potential Temperature
     td 11 t,z,y,x Dew Point Temperature
     vor 11 t,z,y,x Horz Vorticity
     div 11 t,z,y,x Horz Divergence
     mse 11 t,z,y,x Moist Static Energy
     ps 0 t,y,x Surface Pressure
     rt 0 t,y,x Total Precip
     tgrnd 0 t,y,x Ground Temperature
     smt 0 t,y,x Total Soil Water
     bs 0 t,y,x Base Flow
     slp1 0 t,y,x Sea Level Pressure
     slp2 0 t,y,x Sea Level Pressure

Thanks in Advance

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