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I have a variable x(nmonth, gridcell) where nmonth=251,
gridcell=30960. I would like to calculate duration and maximum
duration (in month) between zero values at each grid cell.

For example
x(0,0)=5, x(1,0)=2, x(2,0)=4, x(3,0)=0, x(4,0)=0, x(5,0)=50, x(6,0)
=2, x(7,0)=0, x(8,0)=25, x(9,0)=0 and so on

In this case the durations at gridcell=0 are 3, 2 and 1 months and
maximum duration at gridcell =0 is 3

How do I do this calculation in NCL?



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