Re: can ncl merge two nc files into one nc file

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If you don't want to use NCO operators, then you can use NCL to merge
files by reading the data from both files, merging them into a single
array as appropriate, and then write the new array either to a new
output file, or overwrite one of the existing files.

If you're unfamilar with NCL, the file I/O examples on the ncl webpage
( should be a good
start on reading/writing/modifying different filetypes.

For what it's worth, if I were regularly merging netCDF files along
the record coordinate then I would personally probably use a shell
script invoking NCO operators.


Quoting Donna Cote <>:

> I have also an interest in using ncl to merge two files. I got started
> on this project but got interrupted with something of higher priority.
> My main interest is in getting away from using NCO operators. The
> flexibility of NCL outweighs keeping the NCO operators up-to-date and
> maintained.
> In particular, if I have a download of some metar observations for the
> first part of an hour's file, then capture the rest of that hour's metar
> observations in another disk location.
> I look forward to looking here for further discussion on this subject.
> Donna
> Academy for Advanced Telecommunications and Learning Technologies
> Texas A&M University
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