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Hi Everyone£¬
I want to know if I wish to calculate the area average tas ,the "tas" is with 1.0*1.0 resolution,how should I do in ncl? I think the area is unweight£¬so used "tas_lat_lon_ave = dim_avg_Wrap(dim_avg_Wrap(tas))" ,is it right?I know in Grads,there is "aave£¨expr£¬lat1£¬lat2£¬lon1£¬lon2£©" for area average specially£¬which use lat1¡¢lat2 as the "lat" limit and lon1¡¢lon2 as the "lon" limit ,then do integral operator to gain the area average,I think the intergral operator is more accurate then two dim_avg£¬does NCL have fuction like"aave"in Grads?
Secondly, either"dim_avg"or"aave",it all calculate the average of the regular region(backgroud of below picture)£¬how can I calculate the average of irregular region(blue area in below picture)£¿The following picture is produced by Arcgis software. Can some body help me?Any suggestion will be appreciated.


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