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From: TJ <wxtofly_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 17:17:23 -0700

Assuming you have wget installed on your system, wget works nicely to
pull down the documentation.
Unfortunately, the ncl server doesn't provide timestamp information, so
updating at a later time will require a complete new download.

To use it go to the directory on your machine where you want the
documentation, then issue the command

wget -r -l0 -p -np -nH -k

These options mean:
-r recursive
-l0 all available levels
-p page requisites (images, css files, javascript etc)
-np don't take things from parent directories
-nH don't create a new directory
-k convert all links to relative links on your local machine
-nc (don't over write existing files)

If timestamping were available, substitute -T for -nc and newer versions
will overwrite existing files.

If done as above, the output will be put into a subdirectory called
You can then stay in the same directory and issue the same command for
the URL
wget -r -l0 -p -np -nH -k
to download all the examples and their explanations.

TJ Olney

Mary Haley wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> We've gotten a few requests like this in the past, but not really
> enough to warrant doing something like this on a regular basis.
> I don't know much about using wget to pull down web documentation,
> but it seems like you could automate this somehow? (Maybe somebody
> else can jump in here.)
> Our website depends on styles sheets, so you would need to
> have this set up at your end to work, I think.
> You can try it:
> ftp
> <log in as "anonymous">
> <Use email address as password>
> cd /pub/scd/haley
> get NclDocument.tar.gz
> quit
> --Mary
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Mary Haley
> haley _at_
> 1850 Table Mesa Dr
> Boulder, CO 80305
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> On Thu, 24 Sep 2009, Rob Nicholas wrote:
>> Hey NCL developers,
>> Would you consider providing an "offline" version of the web-based NCL
>> documentation? I often find myself working somewhere with sketchy or
>> non-existent internet access (thanks to the fact that NCL works so
>> well on my Mac laptop) but wanting to look up things like function
>> syntax or a plotting example.
>> Something as simple as a regularly-updated tarball containing
>> everything under (excluding the
>> external NCAR Graphics, PyNGL, and PyNIO stuff) would do the trick. I
>> know I could accomplish this myself by pulling everything down with
>> wget, but this is less than ideal.
>> [If other NCL users would also find an offline version of the
>> documentation useful, please weigh in here (or contact the developers
>> directly) to indicate your support.]
>> Thanks,
>> Rob
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