Re: RasterModeOn = True ... and stippling

From: Laura Landrum <landrum_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Oct 14 2009 - 13:23:24 MDT

Hi Mary -
I finally got around to playing with the stippling a bit.

Your script helps a bit but I'm still stuck. What I want to do it
stipple rasters, not contours. I have two separate datasets, each on the
same grid, and a rather small area. When I contour the data, the area is
a bit smaller and we're trying to judge if we should simple do the
raster version - it results in a larger coverage for an area that is
small enough that we don't really get the "big picture" (the grid is
5X7). I want to fill in with colors, and then with transparent stippling
above it - the rasters, not the contours....

Of course, if I set the resource for the data to be stippled@cnFillMode
= "RasterFill"........well it's solid, no transparency, no stippling. If
I delete the cnFillMode for that resource, it stipples contours rather
than rasters.

Any ideas?

(alas, I'm in a - hopefully temporary - chocolate free zone. That needs
to be changed....then I can help your chocolate supply as well)

Mary Haley wrote:
> Hi Caspar,
> Raster contours don't have any concept of transparency, so you can't
> easily do stippled contours on top.
> To work around this, you need to first draw the plot with raster
> contours, and then draw the plot again with the rasters off and
> stippling on.
> See the attached example. Hope this helps.
> Now I have to go find my own chocolate.
> --Queen
> On Tue, 6 Oct 2009, Caspar Ammann wrote:
>> Hi Mary Queen of Friends and NCL...
>> are you worried yet?? Well, so we would like a lovely color plot that
>> has Raster Mode on (what ever the new convention is to say that...).
>> But not only color fill for the raster, but we NEED to stipple or
>> shade the grid boxes that are significant. Can we not overlay a
>> stippling with a non-solid color on top of the raster image?? We will
>> not do polygons... we could do PhotoShop ... ?? maybe?
>> Any idea how to do that? Laura and I are really interested to see
>> what the Queen of NCL comes up with!! Thanks already!
>> Caspar
>> PS By the way, might have some chocolate in my office later in the
>> week...
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