coordinate indexing problem

From: Nan Rosenbloom <nanr_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Nov 25 2009 - 12:53:15 MST

I am having trouble extracting a spatial region from a
3 dimensional variable using coordinate indexes.

My data looks like:

Variable: pct_pft
Type: float
Total Size: 17625600 bytes
             4406400 values
Number of Dimensions: 3
Dimensions and sizes: [pft | 17] x [lat | 360] x [lon | 720]
             pft: [1..17]
             lat: [-89.75..89.75]
             lon: [0.25..359.75]
Number Of Attributes: 3
   lonFlip : longitude coordinate v has been reordered via lonFlip
   units : unitless
   long_name : percent pft

My region and the line that fails:

slat = 60.
elat = 85.
slon = 290.
elon = 345.

doh2 = pct_pft(0,{slat:elat},{slon:elon})

fatal:NclOneDValGetRangeIndex: Non-monotonic coordinate value being
used, can't complete coordinate subscript
fatal:Could not obtain coordinate indexes, unable to perform subscript
fatal:Execute: Error occurred at or near line 169 in file

My error message is very similar to an archive question, (see below).
Unfortunately, it looks like Dennis was unable to replicate the problem,
so there is no solution in the archive:

thanks in advance for any help -

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