Regridding from irregular to regular 2d grid

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Hi all,

Say I have values z(i,j) at positions x(i,j) and y(i,j) where
and j=1..nj and I would like to interpolate them to a new field
z0(ii,jj) at positions x(ii) and y(jj) where ii=1..nii and jj=1..njj. Is
there any other function except rcm2rgrid which does this type of
regridding (say from rotated lat/lon to lat/lon) in one step? rcm2rgrid
is fine, but it is limited to inverste distance weighted interpolation
(of which the weights cannot be controlled). I would be intersted for
example in bilinear interpolation.

There are a lot of routines in NCL which do interpolation (dsgrid2,
natgrid) but these usually do not take advantage of the strucutre of the
input positions and thus can be very slow for interpolation.



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