calculating total emissions

From: Lei Meng <dream916_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue Dec 15 2009 - 13:34:38 MST

   I was wondering if there are some faster ways to calculate globally total
emissions. I used the following code and it looped over each grid cell to
calculate total values. It takes so long to finish the calculation.
   do i =0, natime-1
        do j=0,nalat-1
         rlat2= (alat(j)+1.429)*3.14159265/180.0 ; convert degree to radians
         rlat1= (alat(j)-1.429)*3.14159265/180.0
         temp1 = sin(rlat2)
         temp2 = sin(rlat1)
         temp = temp1-temp2

            do k=0,nalon-1
                    diff_lon = 2.8152d*3.14159265d/180.0d
                    R=6371.0d*1000.0d ; unit is meterncd
                    if( then
                    end if
                    totalfch4=aFCH4(i,j,k)*area ; convert from
kgC/m2/s to kgC/s by multiplying area
                    afch4(i) = afch4(i)+totalfch4
                  end if
            end do
       end do
  end do
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,

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