can and will NCL be able to read complex packing in GRIB files anytime soon?

From: Capehart, William J <William.Capehart_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri Dec 11 2009 - 15:05:00 MST

I am working with some European GRIB1 data and while NCL (and wgrib) can both read the headers for the data, it cannot unpack the file. (in googling the errors from both wgrib and NCL this seems to be an old problem). I have gotten as far as being able to use NCEP’s cnvgrib program to translate the GRIB1 into GRIB2 but it only seems to want to use US/CAN grib tables. As such, it’s giving me a lot of “missing” or “unknown” fields, all of whom are called “255” and read in as 255 by NCL and ncl_convert2nc. All that survives is are the U V and pressure fields.

Are there plans to make complex packing in grib file readable by NCL. Otherwise is there an easy solution here beyond hacking cnvgrib.

Thanks Much

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