ERROR on WRAPIT "Could not find Init() in external file "

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Date: Mon Dec 21 2009 - 08:10:48 MST

Hi all

I want use a external fortran code in NCL using the WRAPIT tools.
This is the information during compiling:

WRAPIT -pg -fPIC ex_for.f
WRAPIT Version: 090115
A syntax error occurred while parsing:
COMPILING ex_for.f

I have got the

And when I run the .ncl file using the subroutine in ex_for.f, error appears as:

warning:Could not find Init() in external file ./, file not loaded
warning:error at line 4 in file ex_wave.ncl

fatal:syntax error: line 23 in file ex_wave.ncl before or near :
expa_hf :

Here is the head of subroutine in ex_for.f:

        subroutine expansion(input, output,ntime)
        integer ntime,nlon,nlat
        parameter ( nlon=144,nlat=60)
        real input(nlon,nlat,ntime,3), output(6,nlon,nlat,ntime,3)

And I use the subroutine in .ncl script as:

external expa_hf "./"
expa_hf :: expansion(input,output,nt)

Anyone have suggestion?


Huang Ping

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