How to read in different types of input

From: Wee-Beng Tay <zonexo_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Dec 23 2009 - 00:03:54 MST


I have a netcdf file with variables like temperature, pressure, velocity etc

I want ncl to read in different types of input at different times through
command line and then plot them out.

It's simple if I only need to plot 1 variables. In that case, I'll use at
the command line:

e.g. ncl abc.ncl 'var_type="temperature"'

if ((var_type) .eq. "temperature") then

    phi = a->TS(0,:,:) ; read temperature

  end if

  if ((var_type) .eq. "pressure") then

    phi = a->PS(0,:,:) ; read pressure

  end if

However the problem arises when I need to plot more than 1 variable, maybe 3
to 4. Supposed there's 4 variables and there's phi1,phi2,phi3,phi4. How
should I write the code to read in the correct variables?

Thanks again!


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