Do functions always strip their results from any attributes?

From: Emilie Vanvyve <evanvyve_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Jan 12 2011 - 15:36:38 MST


I have noticed that when I use functions (at least some of them), the end result has lost all traces of attributes.

Example 1:
myvar = a float variable with attribute @description defined.
mynewvar = round(myvar,3) => mynewvar is an integer variable with no @description.

Example 2:
myvar = a variable with attribute @units defined.
mynewvar = ndtooned(myvar) => mynewvar doesn't have any @units attribute.

The second case is a bit more annoying when it comes down to handling date/time variables. Most time handling functions require the @units attribute to be defined in order to function correctly (e.g. ut_string). One needs to redefine each time the @units attribute before using the function.

I was wondering why this is happening. Is any function intrinsically a "value-only" assignment as explained here


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