How to prevent legend labels sorting automatically

From: Xianxiang Li <xianxiang.li_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue Jan 04 2011 - 21:41:59 MST

Hello all,

I am plotting some data using gsn_csm_xy and would like to add legend
to the plot. Below is the related resources I set for this purpose:

; add a legend
    res@pmLegendDisplayMode = "Always" ; turn on legend

    res@pmLegendSide = "Right" ; Change location of
    res@pmLegendOrthogonalPosF = -0.15 ; more neg = down

    res@pmLegendWidthF = 0.12 ; Change width and
    res@pmLegendHeightF = 0.25 ; height of legend.
    res@lgLabelFontHeightF = .02 ; change font height
    res@lgPerimOn = False ; no box around
; labels for the legend
    res@xyExplicitLegendLabels = (/"RN","SH","LH","Ground"/)

However, in the output plot, the legend labels were automatically
sorted alphabetically, i.e., "Ground", "LH", "SH", "RN". This is not
what I want. I need the legend appears in the original order I
provided Anyone can provide some idea how to achieve this? Many


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