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From: Peter Q. Olsson <olsson_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Feb 09 2011 - 13:53:09 MST


I am having an issue with wrf_map_overlays. I am plotting a shaded contour field, a
field with contour lines (including the contour labels I am having an issue with), and a
vector field, along with a map (mostly Alaska). All is well- with one exception- my
problem is that the contour labels (with white backgrounds) appear UNDER the map. I have

   opts_psl@cnLineLabelsOn = True
   opts_psl@cnLabelDrawOrder = "PostDraw"
   opts_psl@cnLineDrawOrder = "PostDraw"
   opts_psl@cnFillDrawOrder = "PostDraw"
   opts_psl@cnLineLabelBackgroundColor = "white"

and I get red labels on a white background... with the map over the top.

Along with the above, I have tried:

 map_res@mpOutlineDrawOrder = "PreDraw"
 map_res@mpFillDrawOrder = "PreDraw"
 map_res@mpGridAndLimbDrawOrder = "PreDraw" ;; COVER ALL THE BASES
 map_res@mpLabelDrawOrder = "PreDraw"
 map_res@mpPerimDrawOrder = "PreDraw"

with the same results. By my (apparently faulty) understanding, this should draw the
map FIRST, which should then result in in the complete obscuration of the map, grids,
etc by the opaque shaded contour field, Of course this is _not_ what I want, but what I
expect to happen. Instead, I get the map last. None of this PreDraw/PostDraw stuff seems
to work.

Do these resources not work w/ wrf_map_overlays? And even if they did, if a bunch of
things are "PostDraw", is there any way to control the order in which things are postdrawn?

Thanx for your consideration,

ps attached is NCL script.

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