Re: trying to install ncl and nco on ubuntu or centos

From: Saji Hameed <saji.nh_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Dec 09 2010 - 23:42:44 MST

Hi Dave,

Aloha.. By your name, I guess you are from IPRC, Hawaii.

1. Since all these are linux machines, there may still be a way to easily
install the binaries (compiling from source would be not very easy).
2. Register in
3. Chose one of the binaries from ESG, based on your gcc version
4. First try using non-open DAP enabled versions (many people may not need
it; also it introduces some dependency headaches)

In summary, it should be fairly easy to install NCL on CentOS. Also I think
NCO and NCVIEW have binary packages for RedHat/Fedora/CentOS (all the same
NCL comes with udunits. It also is farily easy to compile.

Let me know, if I can help in any way..



On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 3:52 AM, David Burns
> wrote:

> I have some users that want ncl, nco, ncview, and udunits. We mostly use
> centos, which does have ncl and udunits packages, but nothing for nco and
> ncview. I noticed that ubuntu does have packages for nco and ncview, but not
> for ncl or udunits. I think fedora has them all, or at least used to, and
> centos used to. We used to use fedora, but the frequent release of kernels
> and short lifetime of each version had us always trying to catch up, so we
> switched to centos, because it is very similar but they promise to support
> each version much longer.
> I've also tried compiling from source, with discouraging results. Without
> the packaging system to help me, dependencies cause a big problem.
> I'm not sure even what to ask at this point - how do I support these users?
> Should I volunteer to make packages (I have no experience)? Make them use a
> virtual machine with ubuntu installed for stuff available on that platform
> only?
> thanks,
> Dave
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