vector eof/pca (e.g. u- and v-component of current data)

From: Malte Stuecker <malte.stuecker_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon Mar 14 2011 - 12:17:20 MDT

Hi everyone,

I have done EOF analysis for scalar fields (e.g. SST) with the NCL EOF
functions, however I am struggling with the concept of how to do an
EOF analysis of vector data (e.g. analyzing the u- and v- component of
ocean current data at the same time). I understand that it is possible
to represent both quantities as a complex number, however I am not
sure about the practical (=programming) approach. Most literature that
I found seems to cover only the theory, but there are not many 'HOW TO
DO' sources out there.
My idea was to just combine the u and v fields in one matrix along one
of the spatial axis (e.g. combining a u (20E-40E,20S-20N) and v field
(20E-40E,20S-20N) to a (20E-40E,40S-40N) field), calculate the EOF and
afterwards split the eigenvector matrix into the u- and v- component
and plot the resulting vectors. In this case, is it possible to
interpret the eigenvalues + eigenvectors in the same way as you would
doing an EOF analysis on a scalar field? It would be great if anyone
could point me to some step-by-step introduction to this type of
problem or knows maybe some software packages other than NCL that
could deal with this type of analysis comfortably.
Thank you very much in advance!
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