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From: Mark Chan <cym263_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Mar 17 2011 - 21:53:43 MDT

Hello, Dave

Thank you so much! It is very helpful!


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Hi Mark,

I am not sure if you mean you want the counties to be labelled on the plot
itself (hard) or just to print them within your script
(still not as easy as it should be). It requires that you consult the table for
(in your case) the Earth..4 dataset.

From the table you can see that all the counties of OK have indexes between the
entity for Oklahoma itself (Conterminous US : Oklahoma)

and Oregon (Conterminous US : Oregon).

Therefore once you have created the MapPlot you can do something like this:

   plot = gsn_csm_map_ce(wks,res)
   getvalues plot
      "mpAreaNames" : anames
   end getvalues
   start_ix = ind(anames .eq. "Conterminous US : Oklahoma") + 1
   end_ix = ind(anames .eq. "Conterminous US : Oregon") - 1

At this point you can print out the list of counties with a single print


However, since the mpAreaNames resource gives the minimum part of the
fully-qualified name required to make the names unique,
some of the names will be just the county while others will have "Oklahoma : "
prefixed to them.

A possible solution that would allow you to make them uniform (with or without
the "Oklahoma" prefix) could go like this

   str = new(2,string)
   do i = start_ix, end_ix
      ; if there is no prefix the str_split routine will return a scalar that
gets assigned to both elements of the variable str
      str = str_split(anames(i)," :")
      str(0) = "Oklahoma" ; make the first element uniformly "Oklahoma"
      print("" + str(1)) ; print only the county name
   end do

Hope this helps. It would be good if we had a resource that would return the
fully-qualified name. Then you could do this without any a priori knowledge of
the table.

On Mar 17, 2011, at 3:53 PM, Mark Chan wrote:

> NCL users,
> Is it any possible to print out the list of county name based on the attached
> script´╝č
> Thanks a lot!
> Mark
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