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I see what you're saying now: its not a bug report, its a feature
request! I'm sorry, sometimes I get into that mindset. I'll file a
ticket for adding dotted lines to the predefined patterns list. Its
too late in the cycle to make it into the 6.0.0 release, but perhaps a
subsequent release...


On Wed, 23 Mar 2011 08:21:51 +0100
  <> wrote:
> Hi Rick
> Many thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm currently using type #2, but
>these are not dots but rather small dashes, at least in my example.
>Please have a look at the attachment (postscript).
> Best regards,
> Andre
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> Hi Andre,
> Are you talking about pattern #2 in the list? We have seen at least
>one case involving the newps/newpdf workstation types and certain pdf
>viewers (namely on the Mac), where this pattern is not
>displayed. It is the result of the viewing app's antialiasing
>settings; the dots appear if antialiasing is turned off. I can't
>recall offhand which viewers exhibit the problem; Imagemagick's
>"display" view is one that does not.
> Does any of this describe your situation?
> Rick
> On Tue, 22 Mar 2011 09:21:45 +0100
> <> wrote:
>> Dear NCL team,
>> I'm missing "dotted" in the list of "predefined dash patterns" for
>>tm ressources (tmXMajorGridLineDashPattern). Any chance that such a
>>type will be made available in a future NCL release?
>> Best regards,
>> Andre
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