possible bug in reading variable

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Date: Wed Mar 23 2011 - 03:28:43 MDT


I have just installed the NCL 6.0.0 beta (Mac OS 10.6, 64 bit and gcc
4.21) and i try to run a NCL script that works in NCL 5.2.1 without any
error but in the newer version it gives the following error,

fatal:No valid instance of variable lv_ISBL0/100 found in file list
fatal:Execute: Error occurred at or near line 102 in file track_gfs.ncl

The code is,

    ;--- read input files ---
    files = systemfunc("ls -tr dsets/gfs/"+dstr+"/gfs.t"+darr(3)+"z.*")
    nfile = dimsizes(files)
    grb = addfiles(files, "r")

    ;--- concantrate files ---
    ListSetType(grb, "cat")

    ;--- get coordinate variables ---
    lat = grb[0]->lat_0
    lon = grb[0]->lon_0
    lev = grb[0]->lv_ISBL0/100
    time = nfile
    ntimes = nfile

I fix the problem when i change the calculation of lev variable in script,

    lev = grb[0]->lv_ISBL0
    lev = lev/100

I think that the arithmetic operation trigers the error when the variable
is read. The data format is GRIB that is retrieved from NOMADS server
(nomads.ncep.noaa.gov) and directory /pub/data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/. I am
not sure this is a bug or not but i send this mail just in case.

Best regards,


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