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From: Saji Hameed <saji.nh_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sun Mar 20 2011 - 20:36:55 MDT

Hi Simon,

If you are not doing it in real-time and you are interested in downscaling
from time T1 to T2, you could simply start your downscaling procedure a few
hours or days ahead of T1, so that by the time you reach your point of
interest T1, the model is spun up.


On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 9:49 AM, Simon Metcalf <
> wrote:
>  Hi,
> I was wondering if someone can point me in the direction of a generally
> accepted method (or a few options) for dynamically downscaling between and
> across  (6-hour) analyses?  I know it's been done with various UCAR models
> and is possibly quite a common task but there are a number of factors to
> consider.  For example, the 0-hour downscale is generally not (very) close
> to the 6-hour forecast because it hasn't had time to ramp up the higher
> resolution meteorology from courser grids.  In other words, it's likely that
> the 6-hour forecast is superior at the resolution in question, but over the
> course of the following 6-hours it needs to incorporate the updated
> analysis.  What methods (if any) exist to resolve such a problem?  I am
> using a non-UCAR general circulation (CFD) model but the model itself is not
> particularly relevant to this question unless the method needs to be
> integrated very closely with the downscaling rather than just a (hopefully)
> simple post-processing algorithm.  I'm not an atmospheric scientist so any
> information or recommendations are appreciated.
> Regards,
> Simon.
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