Read Nexrad level II data in netcdf format

From: Andrea Chini <andrea.chini_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Apr 28 2011 - 08:45:06 MDT

I'm trying to read a .nc file created from a nexrad level II data file with toolsUI-4.2.

When I try to read some variables such as Reflectivity or Radial Velocity (datatype byte) I encounter this

"fatal:Dimension size of attribute and right-hand side of assignment do not match"

This is the script that I've written:

load "$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/csm/gsn_code.ncl"
load "$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/csm/gsn_csm.ncl"
load "$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/csm/contributed.ncl"
  f = addfile("","r")

The error is only related with the reading of reflectivity in this case.

Thank's for your help.

Andrea C.

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