Problem in plotting contour

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Date: Tue Apr 26 2011 - 19:39:40 MDT


I am having a strange problem with plotting a contour. I am calculating
something and its giving me values in valid range but still NCL could not
plot it.

The variable looks like this:

Variable: mon_eady
Type: double
Total Size: 262144 bytes
            32768 values
Number of Dimensions: 2
Dimensions and sizes: [lat | 128] x [lon | 256]
            lat: [-88.92773535229591..88.92773535229591]
            lon: [ 0..358.59375]
Number Of Attributes: 2
  _FillValue : -9999
  average_op_ncl : dim_avg_n function was applied
(0) min=-2.10584 max=2.62161

But I have no idea why NCL couldn't plot this. I am attaching the script
also but the script is little bit long.


Soumik Basu
Graduate Student, Research Assistant
International Arctic Research Center
University of Alaska Fairbanks
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