edge detection algorithm ?

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Date: Mon Apr 04 2011 - 04:19:28 MDT


I try to find the coordinates of the edge of the region and i just wonder
that is there any special function to do that? May be some algorithms that
is widely used on image processing (such as Sobol or etc.) can be
implemented in NCL.

The ultimate goal of mine is that masking the data based on the generated
polygon. The gc_inout function and the generated edge coordinates can be
used in this case.

Of course, the masking filed can be interpolated into grid of the
destination field but in my case the masking field is an integer
(represents the id of the basins) two dimensional array and after
interpolation, i can not split the specified region properly. Any idea are

PS: i am using netcdf version of the TRIP (Total Runoff Integrating
Pathways) data as a masking field.

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