Problem with White Space at Prime Meridian (Postscript File)

From: Zachary Mangin <zmangin_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu May 12 2011 - 16:10:10 MDT

Hello NCL Talk.

I have a recurring problem when I output PS files. The Prime Meridian has a
single vertical blank space. I thought gsnAddCyclic would solve my problem
but the space is still there, whether I set the resource to True or False. I
have 3 plots in a vertical panel zoomed in for data that span the Tropics. I
tried converting to GIF format and this gets rid of the white space at the
Meridian, but once I convert to TIFF format, the image's quality is greatly
depreciated. Converting to JPG just kept the white space at the Meridian
too. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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