NCL Version 6.0.0 now available

From: Mary Haley <haley_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon May 30 2011 - 08:22:15 MDT

The NCL team is pleased to announce the official release of NCL
version 6.0.0.

This release contains bug fixes that we found in 6.0.0-beta testing,
and some new and updated functions.

Here's what's available in 6.0.0 (for a list of what's new since 6.0.0-
beta, since the link below):

   - Users can now create variables larger than 2 gigabytes (up to 4
     gigabytes) in size on 64-bit systems.

   - The default missing values have been changed to be more in line
     with NetCDF's missing values.

   - The NCL "byte" type is now a signed byte (it was unsigned previous
     to this release), and there's now a "ubyte" (unsigned byte) type.

   - Eight new color tables were contributed by Emilie Vanvyve of NCAR.

   - Single PNG files no longer have "000001." as part of the file name.

   - You can now use NCL's "delete" procedure to delete multiple
     variables. This is part of an overhaul of the "list" type, which
     is currently in alpha testing.

   - There is some support for reading HDF5 files. This is in alpha

   - There are some new and updated functions. Here are the more
significant ones:

        cd_calendar / cd_inv_calendar

          These functions are meant to be replacements for ut_calendar
          and ut_inv_calendar. They support more calendar options, and
          are more robust.


           These functions have been updated to allow the first
           argument to be either a file opened with addfile, or a list
           of files opened with addfiles.

For full details on this new version with links to the new features,

--Mary Haley, on behalf of the NCL team

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