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Date: Fri Jun 03 2011 - 15:32:43 MDT


What is the best way to interpolate WRF data to a specific point in my
domain at specified elevations. My approach has been to use rcm2points
to interpolate data in 3 spatial dimensions (time, nz, ny, nx) to a
specified latitude and longitude. Does rcm2points interpolate at each nz
point independently in 2D (without using the levels above or below) or
does it interpolate at each nz level using data points at nz+1 and nz-1?
If it only interpolates in 2D, is there a function that does this in 3D
(I think that would be useful in complex terrain)?

What I then do is extract the Full Model Height of the domain by using
wrf_user_getvar(a,"z",-1) for all times to get z(time,nz,ny,nx). I use
rcm2points again to get the elevations at the specified lat lon location
and use this output to interpolate to my specified elevations by using
wrf_interp_1d(dom, z, z_spec). I create z_spec by using the function
onedtond to create a repetitive array with my specified elevations at
each time. (dom has dimensions [time, nz])

Is this the best way to go about doing this or are there better options?

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