rcm2grid_Wrap returns missing values

From: Kat Bormann <k.bormann_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon Jun 13 2011 - 17:11:49 MDT
I am having problems with regridding some data non-continuous (i.e. snow cover data) from a 2d curvilinear grid (Lambert conformal) to a rectilinear grid. Whilst there are no _FillValues in the original data, the data returned from the rcm2grid_Wrap function has been replaced with almost all _FillValues after regridding.

I was hoping someone might have some ideas on what is going on here, since the regrid function appears to run successfully and the output variable is the correct size and has the correct attributes - just the data is not what I expected.

Note: most of the values in the original data are zero, except for the patches of snow which are defined by floating point numbers ranging from 0.001-120.0. There are clear patches of snow in the data that sum to over 1500km2.

Also note: I am not changing the resolution of the data (just the grid), so there shouldn't be problems with too much information lost as a result of changing resolution.

Thanks in advance.
Kat Bormann

The relevant parts of my script (and reports back to screen) are shown below:

;(floating point, 2D array, direct data order)
data = fbindirread(filename.img,0,(/2300,1400/),"float")
print("# original data missing values="+num(ismissing(data)))

;read spatial information for binary data and assign to data variable
latdat = addfile(latfilename.nc,"r")
londat = addfile(lonfilename.nc,"r")
mm2dlat = mmlatdat->mmlat2d
mm2dlon = mmlondat->mmlon2d
data@lat2d = mm2dlat
data@lon2d = mm2dlon

;confirm spatial data assignment
;set some resources
res@gsnAddCyclic = False
res@cnRasterSmoothingOn = False
res@cnLinesOn = False
res@mpDataBaseVersion = "HighRes"

;plot data on map (this looks fine and as expected)
wks = gsn_open_wks("ps","plotfile")

;to reduce regridding interpolations and runtimes
;set local spatial boundaries
latS = -36.5
latN = -35.5
lonW = 148.0
lonE = 149.0

;find array positions for specified local spatial boundary
ji = region_ind (mm2dlat,mm2dlon, latS, latN, lonW, lonE)
jStrt = ji(0) ;lat start
jLast = ji(1) ;lat last
iStrt = ji(2) ;lon start
iLast = ji(3) ;lon last

;use array positions to subset lat, lon and data variables
mm2dlatS= mm2dlat(jStrt:jLast, iStrt:iLast)
mm2dlonS= mm2dlon(jStrt:jLast, iStrt:iLast)
dataS = (/data(jStrt:jLast, iStrt:iLast)/) ;value only assignment

;reassign lat,lon coordinates for local spatial region
dataS@lat2d = mm2dlatS
dataS@lon2d = mm2dlonS
dataS!0 = "mm2dlatS"
dataS!1 = "mm2dlonS"
print("# spatial subset data missing values="+num(ismissing(dataS)))

;regrid data within the local boundary to a rectilinear grid
;find actual coordinates of new local region after subsetting the data
mdsize = dimsizes(dataS)
TLlat = mm2dlatS(1,1)
TLlon = mm2dlonS(1,1)
BRlat = mm2dlatS(mdsize(0)-2, mdsize(1)-2)
BRlon = mm2dlonS(mdsize(0)-2, mdsize(1)-2)

;generate rectilinear grid for subset region 500m res.
deg500m = 0.004166667 ;500m expressed in decimal degrees (approx)
nptsY500 = round(((TLlat - BRlat)/deg500m),3)
nptsX500 = round(((BRlon - TLlon)/deg500m),3)
newlat500 = fspan(BRlat, TLlat, nptsY500)
newlon500 = fspan(TLlon, BRlon, nptsX500)

;assign attributes to new grid
newlat500@res = "500m intervals within subset"
newlat500@units = "degrees north"
newlon500@res = newlat500@res
newlon500@units = "degrees east"

;regrid data to new rectilinear grid coordinates
newdata = rcm2rgrid_Wrap(mm2dlatS, mm2dlonS, dataS, newlat500, newlon500,1)
print("# missing values in regridded data="+num(ismissing(newdata)))

;---the end

NCL returns:

Variable: data
Type: float
Total Size: 12880000 bytes
3220000 values
Number of Dimensions: 2
Dimensions and sizes: [2300] x [1400]

(0) # original data missing values=0

Variable: dataS
Type: float
Total Size: 167240 bytes
41810 values
Number of Dimensions: 2
Dimensions and sizes: [mm2dlatS | 226] x [mm2dlonS | 185]

(0) # spatial subset data missing values=0

Variable: newdata
Type: float
Total Size: 235104 bytes
58776 values
Number of Dimensions: 2
Dimensions and sizes: [MM2DLATs | 237] x [MM2DLONs | 248]
MM2DLATs: [-36.49172..-35.50626]
MM2DLONs: [147.9893..149.0239]
Number Of Attributes: 2
_FillValue : 9.96921e+36
ncl : rcm2rgrid used for interpolation

(0) # missing values in regridded data=58683

Kathryn Bormann
PhD Candidate
Climate Change Research Centre
University of New South Wales
Kensington Campus
Sydney, NSW, 2052

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