WRAPIT compilers on OSX

From: Jared Lee <jaredlee_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Jun 29 2011 - 11:30:49 MDT

Hi, is there a reason why WRAPIT is incompatible with the pgf90 and ifort compilers on Mac OSX? Why are gfortran, g95, and g77 the only compilers allowed? (I'm using NCL 5.2.1.)

I ask because my work machine was just changed this week from a Linux system to a Mac (OS 10.6.8), and I'm running these codes on my desktop system. In one of my Fortran 90 codes on which I use WRAPIT, gfortran consistently chokes on the 'backspace' command, by giving me an "unattached unit" error. I never had that problem before on other architectures when WRAPIT allowed me to use other compilers. Fortunately for me, I see a way that I can rework my Fortran code to avoid needing to use 'backspace' (and it should make my code marginally more efficient anyway), because I suspect this is a bug in gfortran (I did an 'inquire' right before the 'backspace' and everything checked out okay... I'm completely stumped why I'm getting the "unattached unit" error).

I also ran into problems with gfortran because some of my lines exceeded 132 characters in length. That was a simple enough fix to make, but still inconvenient because of not being allowed by WRAPIT to use a compiler other than gfortran.

Anyway, can WRAPIT be modified to allow non-GNU compilers to be used on Mac OSX?

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