Re: extraction of data using shapefile

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Date: Thu Jul 21 2011 - 14:26:57 MDT

Hi Debasish,

It looks like that shapefile includes the boundaries for the Andaman
and Nicobar islands, and those are getting mixed in with the
continental boundary. I'm uncertain as to why this is the case, or
how to avoid it, but if you post or send me your script, I'll take a
look. As an aside, one trick I often use is to select the polygon
from the shapefile that has the largest area, and use only it for
drawing and/or masking.


On Thu, 21 Jul 2011 14:34:09 -0400
  Debasish <> wrote:
> Dear NCL Users,
> I am trying to extract data for india using example
>( I
>used the shape file IND_adm0.shp (also used in example
>Unfortunately I am not getting right (expected) results. There is
>some extra lines in the plots that causes the problem. I realized
>that this line come from the shapefile of country boundaries. How do
>I get rid of this extra lines. My plot is attached with this email.
> Any suggestions in this regard will be appreciated
> Thanks
> Debasish

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