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From: wxtofly <wxtofly_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Aug 03 2011 - 23:54:24 MDT

I am confused by this resource as the examples are not consistent with its use and I don't really understand what it does in the absence of an underlying map as on the attached windgram plots.

I have attached two of my windgrams, one produced without any mention of vcMapDirection which therefore would use the true default, and the other with
uv_res@vcMapDirection=false.  As you can see they are nearly but not exactly identical.  (gwenview  or something similar next prev to rock between them)

On the NCAR site, the 1 special example meteo.ncl uses uv_res@vcMapDirection=false.  The 5 wrf_meteo(1-5).ncl omit the resource.  Which is "correct."  
What would I expect the effects to be?

Thanks for you help.

TJ Olney

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