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From: shinn wong <shinnshinnwong_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue Aug 02 2011 - 09:06:31 MDT

Dear all,
I would like to get the 30-year linear trend of my data (lat, lon, time) in
each grid box. I have tried to write a script but didn't know whether it is
correct. Could anyone help me to check with that?Also, I would like to know
how can I test the significance of the trend using ncl. Thank in advance for
any help given regarding on that.

trend = new((/dimsizes(data&lat), dimsizes(data&lon)/), "float")
trend!0 = "lat"
trend&lat = data&lat
trend!1 = "lon"
trend&lon = data&lon
trend&lat@units = "degrees north"
trend&lon@units = "degrees east"

do i =0, dimsizes(data&lat)-1
 do j = 0, dimsizes(data&lon)-1
   temp = dtrend_msg(ispan(0,29,1),data(i,j,:),False,True)
  trend(i,j) = (29*(temp@slope) + temp@y_intercept) ; is the trend here
represent the 30-year linear trend?
  end do
end do

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