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From: H.Dang <danghy_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Aug 18 2011 - 08:13:10 MDT

Good Morning!

I got some new questions about color bar, please see my plot in the
attachment. I used the following setting:

 colors(7:) = ispan(165,237,4)

 res@lbBoxLineColor = "white"
 res@lbFillLineThicknessF = "0.8"
 res@lbLabelStride = 5
 res@cnLevels = levels
 res@cnFillColors = colors

My question is: based on the color I choose, the 237th for
"rainbow+white+gray", but I got deep purple for label >19.5, I've tried 238
too, the same result.

And how should I do to make the white interval between different colors not
so wide?

Thank you.

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