bar chart with bars of different min/max values

From: mark collier <mark.collier_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Aug 17 2011 - 20:25:40 MDT


is it possible to use the standard bar chart approach (gsn_csm_xy) to
generate bars that have different minimum (maximum) values in addition
to maximum (minimum) values? And so, like in example script bar_9.ncl
rather than starting each bar from a y value of 0.4, it would be a
function of month?

This is of course a bit like a box plot but I'm hoping to keep the bar
chart look and feel?

Or is the only way to build up polygons? I guess one way might be to
overlay a short white bar over each coloured bar to produce the same

One application might be to show the observations as the standard
coloured bar but to show a model (multi-ensemble) range beside it.

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