Overlapping Strings

From: Clark, Brandi Lynn <brandi.clark_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue Aug 30 2011 - 18:06:24 MDT

I am adding stations and their identifications on a map, but some of them overlap. I do not want to remove the overlapping station names, but rather I want to change their position so that they are no longer overlapping. Is there a way to do this? The only script I have found on the website removes the overlapping strings.

This is the way I have set it up:

  fname = "COOP_2010_Mean.dat" ; ascii file path
  lines = asciiread(fname,-1,"string") ; read ascii file

  lat = stringtofloat(str_get_field(lines(1:),2," "))
  lon = stringtofloat(str_get_field(lines(1:),3," "))
  pwv = stringtofloat(str_get_field(lines(1:),4," "))
  stations = str_get_cols(lines(1:),0,7)

  txres = True ; turn on text resources
  txres@txJust = "CenterRight" ; station labels to right of marker
  txres@txFontHeightF = 0.01 ; font size

  gsn_text(wks,map," " + station1,lon,lat,txres)

I have attached a copy of the map so you can see the issue. I just need to justify the overlapping station names differently than the rest.

Thank you,

Brandi Clark

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