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From: cnl88 <cnl88_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sun Sep 25 2011 - 18:36:44 MDT

I receive your advice and change the scripts.but it did not put out the draw i want ;the following setting did not work! Idid not know why .i also want to remove the drawing of tibet!!hope for your help!

resp@cnHighLabelFontColor = "Black"
       resp@cnLowLabelFontColor = "Red"
resp@gsnLeftString = "wind(m/s)"
resp@gsnRightString = "sea pressure(mb)"
resp@MainTitle = "2011041418"
orplres@gsnLeftString = "wind(m/s)"
plres@gsnRightString = "sea pressure(mb)"
   plres@MainTitle = "2011041418" also did not work .i try many times !hope for your help!

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