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Date: Thu Sep 29 2011 - 15:31:54 MDT

Hi Ahmed,

I examined your file and have found that the variables you list below differ not only in time but also in space: there are 2 different grids represented. They both have the same latitude elements, but in longitude, one grid has 277 elements from -16.686 to 75.22 while the other has 261 elements from -16.686 to 70. You see this with wgrib if you run it as wgrib -V and compare, for instance, record 167 and 168 (both APCP in wgrib). Considering the randomness of the way the 2 grids are interspersed in the forecast time sequence, perhaps there was a mistake in the production of these files, but NCL has no choice but to consider these as two different variables. As for the variables with the suffix _acc, they do belong in some sense to the corresponding variable with the _acc3h suffix: they are the initial record at the beginning of the accumulation period. However, since no time has passed they do not fit the 3 hour accumulation designation. Their values are all either 0 or the missing value so their absence from the time array dimension should be easy to work around.

On Sep 28, 2011, at 4:15 PM, ahmed lasheen wrote:

> thanks for your reply .
> i read the NCL manual for how NCL process the grib file.But i still wondering for example if NCL finds that the grib file contains several records with the same variable name ,with the same level (ex: isobaric level) and same dimension , differ only in time , then why it nesed to create different variables .the algorithm of the NCL as i understand should not permit generation of such variables.
> in my grib file i have 3 variables only and here is the dump of the file using the ncl.
> sometimes these variables are misleading and confusing.
> float A_PCP_GDS0_SFC_acc ( g0_lat_0, g0_lon_1 )
> float A_PCP_GDS0_SFC_acc3h ( forecast_time2, g0_lat_0, g0_lon_1)
> float A_PCP_GDS0_SFC_acc3h_1 ( forecast_time3, g0_lat_4, g0_lon_5 )
> float NCPCP_GDS0_SFC_acc ( g0_lat_0, g0_lon_1 )
> float NCPCP_GDS0_SFC_acc3h ( forecast_time2, g0_lat_0, g0_lon_1 )
> float NCPCP_GDS0_SFC_acc3h_1 ( forecast_time3, g0_lat_4, g0_lon_1)
> float ACPCP_GDS0_SFC_acc ( g0_lat_0, g0_lon_1 )
> float ACPCP_GDS0_SFC_acc3h ( forecast_time2, g0_lat_0, g0_lon_1
> float ACPCP_GDS0_SFC_acc3h_1 ( forecast_time3, g0_lat_4, g0_lon_5 )
> i aslo have attached the dump of file using both wgrib and ncl_fildump
> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 11:18 PM, David Brown <> wrote:
> Hi Ahmed,
> wgrib simply lists each record in a GRIB file in the order it finds them. NCL looks through the whole file and organizes the records into variables with time and level dimensions in addition to the horizontal lat/lon dimensions. But in order to add those dimensions, it needs to make sure that the records are compatible. GRIB has many types of level records for instance (e.g. sigma levels, hybrid levels, pressure levels). In order to create a valid level dimension, all the records used must have the same type of level, in addition to representing the same type of quantity. Further, the GRIB file can contain records with the same type of quantity but on different horizontal grids, with different extents or resolutions or projection type. These must be represented with different variables. The whole process that NCL uses to represent GRIB data is described in detail at I hope this helps.
> -dave
> On Sep 28, 2011, at 1:31 PM, ahmed lasheen wrote:
>> hello
>> when i make wgrib for grib1 file contains precipitation data , i found three variables which are precipitation of grid scale , precipitation of convective scale and total scale precipitation.But when i make ncl_filedump i see 9 variables which represent those variables plus others related variables to them
>> but different on the average time and grid location.why this occur ? and what this difference means between wgrib and ncl_filedump?.
>> thanks in advance
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