winds from WRF not matching RAOB

From: steve kirby <thin_runner_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue Sep 20 2011 - 15:54:46 MDT

Hi,   I'm doing some plots of RAOB's vs WRF and the WRF-extracted winds aren't matching the RAOB.  Here's the WRF portion --   ============================================================================================= load "$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/csm/gsn_code.ncl" load "$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/csm/skewt_func.ncl" load "$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/wrf/WRFUserARW.ncl"   ...   a=addfile("./","r");         ;get the variables  wrftc=wrf_user_getvar(a,"tc",0)  wrftd=wrf_user_getvar(a,"td",0)  wrfp=wrf_user_getvar(a,"pressure",0)  wrfz=wrf_user_getvar(a,"z",0)  uvm=wrf_user_getvar(a,"uvmet",0)   ;extract u and v from uvm array and convert to knots  u=uvm(0,:,:,:)*1.94386  v=uvm(1,:,:,:)*1.94386   ;;;;  ; get ij point in model domain for location of interest  ; loc(1) is touth-north (y) and loc(0) is west-east (x)  ; ensure this point is in the domain, as we are not checking  ; we are interested in NCL array pointers, so subtract 1   loc=wrf_user_ll_to_ij(a,-106.93,32.28,True) ; it should read (a, lon,lat,True) is that right?   locX=loc(0)-1  locY=loc(1)-1         dataOpts@colTemperature = "red"  dataOpts@colDewPt = "magenta"  ;new location for winds (default is 45)  dataOpts@xpWind = 40.  dataOpts@colWindP = "orange"   skewT_data = skewT_PlotData (wks,skewt_bkgd,wrfp(:,locY,locX),\                                             wrftc(:,locY,locX),\                                             wrftd(:,locY,locX),\                                             wrfz(:,locY,locX),\                                             u(:,locY,locX),\                                             v(:,locY,locX),\                                             dataOpts)   draw(skewT_data) =====================================================================================================   QUESTION - Do I have it right, that in the wrf_user_ll_to_ij( ) call that I use longitude, latitude (in that order) to locate the point of interest?   I have done a couple of other plots of WRF winds vs. RAOB and the winds are not matching up with those either, so I was wondering if I had something wrong in code.   Thanks, Steve

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