Re: nan in dataset, again

From: donna Cote <d-cote_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Oct 12 2011 - 12:28:28 MDT

Thanks Dennis, that was the trick we needed! I now have plots generated!

Now, I move on to the next hurdle... ;)


On 10/11/11 7:23 AM, Dennis Shea wrote:
> [1] _FillValue is what the CF convention states should be used
> to indicate missing values. Further, Unidata says the same thing.
> NCL recognizes _FillValue only.
> [2] missing_value is a COARDS convention attribute. It has no
> special status under CF or within NCL.
> [3] _MissingValue, etc....., mean nothing to any known software
> [4] By rule, the type of the _FillValue should be the same as
> the variable with which it is associated. However, there is
> nothing in the netCDF software to prevent this from happening.
> [5] NCL does try to be 'helpful' in the following way. When a variable
> is read and NCL sees it has a missing_value attribute but
> no _FillValue, NCL will assign an virtual _FillValue' attribute.
> NCL checks the type of the missing_value attribute and the type
> of the associated variable. If they are the same, NCL creates
> the _FillValue attribute; if the are different and NCL can
> coerce the missing_value to the type of the variable, NCL will
> do it. If not, you get the warning message indicated earlier.
> This is *not* an NCL problem. The file creators 'screwed up'.
> NCL can be used to address the issue but it must be done manually.
> [6] NCL can check for NaNs and replace the values.

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