Re: computing divergence with spherical harmonics and centered finite differences

From: Dennis Shea <shea_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sun Oct 23 2011 - 19:04:48 MDT


Really, you have not provided much information that
would be useful for diagnosing the issues.

[1] The spherical harmonics used by NCL are very high quality.
     NCL provides interfaces to these codes.

     You can read about the divergence and inverse laplacian

     The spherical harmonic functions can be used *only* on
     global rectilinear grids. Ordering S=>N.

[2] The _cfd functions should give very similar results but NOT
     exactly the same results. They can be used only on rectilinear
     grids. These need not be global.


On 10/23/11 5:22 PM, Juliane Schwendike wrote:
> Hello,
> I computed the divergence of the horizontal wind filed using uv2dv_cfd
> and uv2dvF_Wrap and get different answers. I don't understand why the
> answers are different. I would like to know what both functions do and
> why the results differ. Could you please help me?
> I am also inverting the lapacian by using the function ilapsF_Wrap.
> Could you please tell me what the function does? Which equation is is
> solving? Is the function doing more than the pure spherepack routine (it
> seems to be like it)?
> I am looking forward to hearing from you.
> Kind regards,
> Juliane
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