Odd error from day_of_year

From: Bridget Thrasher <bthrasher_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue Oct 25 2011 - 16:35:47 MDT

I'm receiving an odd error that I've never seen before: "day_of_year:
illegal month, -8"

My command is: doyobs =
day_of_year(datesobs(:,0),datesobs(:,1),datesobs(:,2)) - 1

I thought it meant that the function was finding a value of -8 in the month
slot, but using the commands below to look at both the inputs and the
outputs show nothing unusual:
print(datesobs(:,0)+" "+datesobs(:,1)+" "+datesobs(:,2))

Another weird thing is that I'm fairly certain it's only showing this when
reading from leap years (I'm reading in 56 years of daily times, and I get
the error 14 times), and it only happens with my original data files, not
with the files containing regridded data that I made with linint2_Wrap.

Any insight? Should I just ignore it and carry on?
bridget$ ncl -V


Bridget Thrasher, PhD
Independent Contractor, Research Scientist

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