still have problem about open files in different subdirectories

From: yikun liu <queenbee0703_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon Nov 28 2011 - 21:36:33 MST


I have a directory "DATA" which contains 11 sub directories
Each of the 11 sub directories has 12 .hdf files.
I want to open files which name contains "200x06""200x09""200x012" in each
sub directories "2000"-"2010", and then open "200x15","200x18","200x21" in
each sub directories, and so on
my code is like
  do i =1,4
      do year =0, 4
        dir = "find /home/lovecheese/DATA/20*"
        add_1 =
        add_2 =
        add_3 =
        f1 =addfile(add_1,"r")
        f2 =addfile(add_2,"r")
        f3 =addfile(add_3,"r")
      end do
      end if
   end do

but it returns
fatal:syntax error: line 17 in file check before or near
        add_1 = systemfunc(dir+iyear(year)+

what's the problem?

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