Question on the longitude coordinates?

From: xiang lin <leo.aries.g_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Nov 23 2011 - 09:55:22 MST


     I am fluent with the longitude coordinates of (0E, 360E), but now was
a little puzzled when dealing with the coordinates of (-180E,175E) .

Here below is parts of my scripts :

; read the hadslp data
  data = asciiread("/Work/smi/Hadslp2_185001-200412.dat",-1,"float")
  x = onedtond(data,(/72,37,12,155/))
  x!0 = "lon"
  x!1 = "lat"
  x!2 = "month"
  x!3 = "year"
  x&lon = fspan(-180.,175.,72) ; see more details in the
hadslpr2's data read instruction
  x&lon@units = "degrees_east"
  x&lat = fspan(90.,-90.,37)
  x&lat@units = "degree_north"
  x&month = ispan(1,12,1)
  x&year = ispan(1850,2004,1)
  res@mpMinLonF = 30
  res@mpMaxLonF = -150

 I want to pick out the sub-region eastward extending from 30E to 150W, but
of course the above resource would cause errors for the reason that
mpMinLonF must be less than

How could I set the region correctly for plot? Is there a way to transform
the coordinates such as (-180E, 175E) to the ones such as (0E,360E)? I
know the lonFlip and lonPivot,
However, I don't find a corresponding function to the opposite job.


best wish!


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