Use our own setting for Ythicklabel for Hovmoller diagram

From: juki juki <juky_emc2_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Dec 21 2011 - 02:01:14 MST

Hi all, I am plotting a daily longitude-hovmoller diagram, 24 hours, to clarify the result the data were plotted twice. I want to set the Ythicklable (time) as follow:  res@trYReverse = True       res@tmYBValues = (/0,8,16,24,32,40,48/)  res@tmYBLabels = (/"00","08","16","24","8","16","24"/) Time is generated as:    time       =  fspan(1, 48, nrows); nrows = 48    time!0     = "time"    time@units = "UTC"    data!0    = "time"; data contain hourly data which are written twice.    data!1    = "lon"    data&time  =  time    data&lon  =  lon Problem, some errors said that the above comment (res@tmYBValues ...) can not be used for hovmoller case. Are there any suggestion to deal with this kind of problem ? Thanks again for help... Regards, JuKy

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