Increasing font size of title and x and y-axis.

From: Waqar Younas <vickyqau_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri Jan 04 2013 - 18:31:35 MST

I want to increase the font size of title and x and y-axis so that they are
more clearly visible.
Please find attached the figure.
Here is the code.

Here the lat are from 30S to 30N with global longitudes.

plot = new (50,graphic)

 res = True
 res@gsnDraw = False ; don't draw yet
 res@gsnFrame = False ; don't advance frame yet
 res@gsnSpreadColors = True ; spread out color table
 res@gsnAddCyclic = False ; plotted dataa are not
 res@mpFillOn = True ; turn off map fill
 res@cnFillOn = False ; turn on color fill
 res@cnLinesOn = True ; True is default
 res@cnLineLabelsOn = True ; True is default
 res@lbLabelBarOn = True ; turn off individual

 res@mpMaxLatF = maxlat0
 res@mpMinLatF = minlat0
 res@mpMaxLonF = maxlon0
 res@mpMinLonF = minlon0
 res@mpCenterLatF = (maxlat0-minlat0)/2+minlat0
 res@mpCenterLonF = (maxlon0-minlon0)/2+minlon0

resP = True ; modify the panel plot

; panel plot only resources

wks = gsn_open_wks("eps","u850_winter_ENSEMBLES")
gsn_define_colormap(wks, "BlWhRe")

opt = True
    opt@gsnShadeFillType = "color"
    opt@gsnShadeHigh = "grey70"
    opt@gsnShadeLow = "grey25"
    res@gsnCenterString ="u850_ECMWF_winter"
    plot(0) = gsn_contour_shade(plot(0), -999.,6.,opt)

res@gsnCenterString ="u850_MF_winter"
    plot(1) = gsn_contour_shade(plot(1), -999.,6.,opt)

res@gsnCenterString ="u850_UKMO_winter"
    plot(2) = gsn_contour_shade(plot(2), -999.,6.,opt)

res@gsnCenterString ="u850_CMCC_INGV_winter"
    plot(3) = gsn_contour_shade(plot(3), -999.,6.,opt)

res@gsnCenterString ="u850_IFM_GEOMAR_winter"
    plot(4) = gsn_contour_shade(plot(4), -999.,6.,opt)

    res@gsnCenterString ="u850_NCEP_winter"
    plot(5) = gsn_contour_shade(plot(5), -999.,6.,opt)



Best Regards
Waqar Younas
PhD Candidate
Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (NRES)
University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)

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