Plotting CONUS data with NCL with only having the lat/lon points

From: Arthur Eiserloh <arthur.eiserloh_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Feb 07 2013 - 13:49:03 MST


I am trying to plot observed rainfall data from the NOAA's River Forecast
Center's website ( The original
data came on an HRAP grid/format. It had to be decoded from a netcdf file
to ascii text file. The text file gives the observed value of precip. for
each lat/lon point. How can I plot data that only has it's lat/lon

The data looks like this with value being the precip. variable:

"id", "hrapx", "hrapy", "lat", "long", "value"
0, 14, 10, 23.496319, -118.658440, -1.000000
0, 15, 10, 23.503891, -118.624420, -1.000000

I tried putting the data into a netcdf file, then using the
"gsn_csm_contour_map" function/tool to do it, but I got a segmentation
fault error. I was using NCL 5.1.0, and saw that this NCL version can only
handle variables no larger than 2 GB. So, I downloaded NCL version (6.1.1),
and I still get the same error (segmentation fault). The size of each .nc
file for the CONUS is 20507540 bytes which is not 2 GB.

Do you have and insight as to how I could solve this issue? It does not
seem hard to do.

-Arthur Eiserloh

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