Re: ncl running log file can not record immediately

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Date: Sun Feb 17 2013 - 13:48:50 MST

[RESENT to list only now, as my previous mail haven't come through the list]


On Feb 18 2013, Dennis Shea <> wrote:

> This is not clear "printing out info can not be
> recorded immediately after running the NCL script"

I think I have seen OP mentioned limitation with ncl. The attached python
script¹ demonstrates the problem.

Please run the script in a temporary folder and while the python script is
running, stare at "log.out" file in the same folder in another shell.

$ tail -f log.out

If you can see, while running the bash script the numbers print one by one
with interval of 1 sec. But while running the ncl script, the stdout waits 20
sec, before it flushes every thing together.


¹ Script uses python sub process to run the a bash script and a ncl script.
   It creates four files (, test.ncl, log.out, log.err) as it runs.

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