Re: optional argument for function / procedure

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Date: Mon Mar 04 2013 - 07:30:40 MST

[May not add anything useful to the discussion, just my opinion.]

Hello Brücher,

On Mar 04 2013, Brücher Tim <> wrote:

> Oli, thanks for your fast reply...
> but I would favour a definition of a subroutine or function which could deal with:
> mytest(var1)
> or:
> mytest(var1,MyOption1=xxx,MyOption2=zzz)
> or:
> mytest(var1,MyOption2=zzz)

I also wish for such a ncl option just like python (named arguments/optional
arguments), but If I understand correctly, Its not that easy to implement. I
also doubt that It is worth of a trouble since there is a workaround available
and more over there is PyNGL/PyNIO.

I am also interested to hear from the developers about this.

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